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the short-term, long-term and everything in between timer

Ten seconds to ten years

Cosmos tracks both short and long-term events – from boiling an egg to renewing your passport.

A Clock in Space

Clean up your calendar

Track all those routine jobs around the house that would just clutter a todo list or a calendar.


Share the Anticipation

For more exciting events, copy the countdown and paste it into an email or text message – or send it to Twitter.

Menu to copy or tweet countdown


Cosmos has launched!
Now available in the App Store

Feature Summary

  • Maximum of 64 active timers
  • Save frequently used timers in the archive
  • Fast interface to create timers (naming is optional)
  • Create timers with familiar durations, such as "8 weeks" or "72 hours"
  • Quickly restart expired timers
  • Unique alert sounds – so you know it's a Cosmos notification without looking
  • Built for iOS 4 - goes into the background and works just how you'd expect
  • Supported Languages: English and German